Weekly Review with Kemal Okuyan

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Weekly Review with Kemal Okuyan

As the Voice of TKP, the daily podcast of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), announced that the Party’s Secretary-General is to contribute to weekly interviews every Tuesday, Kemal Okuyan replied to the questions addressed by the anchor in the first broadcast today.

The topic of the first broadcast was the disappointment of the masses in face of capitalism regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Upon the question of the anchor in regard to general evaluation of the current conditions, Okuyan replied that the media depicts the pandemic like it is solely about limitations on entertainment places, restaurants, vacation facilities, sports events and luxury cruise ships or locked up people singing to each other from balconies but not about people forced to keep working in factories, mines, supply chains or cleaning companies.

Mentioning that among those only medical staff are talked upon, Okuyan emphasized that the public is being forced to perceive the disease as a middle-class agony whereas the working class is suffering completely different problems. 

As the anchor further asked whether the pandemic is not equalizing the differences between classes, Okuyan stated that like every other aspect of life the class diversity also shows itself within pandemic agenda. He added that the equalizing appearance of the disease is due to the overrated attention on celebrities and the higher testing rate on famous and relatively rich people as working-class-masses sent back home after signing 14-days lockup commitment and suffer the illness on their own in silence.

During the interview, Okuyan was also asked about the pessimistic mood the world is in with regard to the pandemic. Marking that some people try to spread horror through mystification by conspiracy theories, he stated that capitalism is objectively on the brink of collapse and it will collapse right on top of humanity unless it stands up. He also added that the virus is not to blame for messing everything up as the capitalism itself is responsible for the already messed up conditions involving ongoing hunger, wars and other illnesses which are only scaled up with the current one.

Upon the question of the anchor on whether he believes everything will change for the worse, Okuyan responded that even though it is one of the possibilities, seeking for objective possibilities he expects the opposite. Okuyan mentioned that masses began to lose faith for sustainability of this system as even the middle classes which normally think of nothing else than comfort and stability are now dragged to consider socialistic tendencies if not communism itself.

Stating that the credibility of security experts, strategists, conspiracy-lovers is faltering, he expressed that he expects massive labor movements in capitalist centers with tradition of working class movements like Italy, France, and the UK or even maybe in the USA after the moderation of the pandemic. He also added that the same goes for Turkey as well, mentioning that the pandemic created the reason for it and that all the capitalist centers which west-praising liberals of Turkey depended on are crippled by the disease.

Lastly, as to TKP’s recent declaration namely “All resources for public”, the Secretary General of the Party stated that the program is totally applicable yet the current government did not have the means and motivation to apply it. He mentioned that if it is possible to close down all restaurants or schools only by a decree, it is also possible to nationalize private hospitals, private schools and education etc. for it is not the nature’s law the private ownership on factories, mines or so.

He also added that this projection is to be realized this way or another but communists work for humanity to obtain it as soon as possible. He said, “No matter what they throw at us, civilization will definitely dispose of burdens like imperialism, exploitation, reactionism and injustice.”

The daily podcast of TKP announced that Kemal Okuyan Secretary General of the Communist Party of Turkey is to be interviewed every Tuesday on the week’s agenda under the flow namely Weekly Review as the regular broadcast is to be in two parts the latter being similar to the traditional podcast now named Comment of the Day.