The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) attended the rallies on the 24th anniversary of Sivas Massacre in Dikmen and Mamak districts of Ankara, the capital of Turkey.


Kemal Okuyan, the First Secretary of the Central Committee to Communist Party of Turkey, has been in Hungary as a guest of the Hungarian Workers' Party (MUNKASPART) and returned to Turkey after completing his contacts.


Communist Party of Turkey (TKP)  celebrated the May 1st with massive participation of people who do not submit. (Photo: DHA)


People of Izmir, coming together in the ‘Not Enough, but No!’ meeting organised by İzmir branch of the TKP, discussed that just saying “no” would not be enough but that the “no” option would require a determination of struggle and organisation.


The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) made a public statement upon the government's ban on the rally that is scheduled to be held on April 2 with the slogan, 'İstanbul says no'. TKP calls the people to come together at a meeting on April 9.


A decision for search warrant was issued in TKP Isparta provincial branch pretense to defamation against President Erdoğan



On September 10, 1920 in Baku, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) was founded. 

TKP organised its initial congress, neighbouring a revolution which gave hope to the humanity, just after a bloody war and in a world in which exploiters were fighting to take their share in plunder.

TKP became  the party of revolution in Turkey.

Those who die for and those who made a great effort for it in the years following the foundation, took place in this process because they believed that happy and bright days would come only with a socialist revolution.

This belief has never been weakened in 96 years. Today, in the depth of a radical and reactionary capitalism in the country, as well as confronting the dark existence of the 21st century's imperialism, TKP is still the party of revolution and hope for Turkey.

TKP has accepted a decision to proceed its political activities, at a sublime gathering on 22th January 2017 in İstanbul. Thousands of communists from around Turkey accompanied by guests and fraternal party representatives, gathered at the assembly.