Okuyan met Hungarian Communists in Budapest

Okuyan met Hungarian Communists in Budapest

Kemal Okuyan, the First Secretary of the Central Committee to Communist Party of Turkey, has been in Hungary as a guest of the Hungarian Workers' Party (MUNKASPART) and returned to Turkey after completing his contacts.

Okuyan met the MUNKASPART President Gyüla Thurmer and the Central Committee members, discussing international updates, as well as the relationships between the two parties. 

After the meetings in Budapest, Kemal Okuyan visited Ozd, a town that is home to one of the biggest steel plants inherited from the socialist era, and attended a meeting with the MUNKASPART organisation there. Okuyan also visited Borsodbóta village, whose mayor is the communist Janos Gulyas.

Okuyan stated that the meetings were highly fruitful and collaborations between the two parties which have rooted friendly relationships will become even stronger. Okuyan also said:

I will never forget the hospitality of our friend Thürmer and other members of the leadership. More than a protocol, they prepared a very filled, sincere program. We have carried out beneficial meetings which helped our Parties to know each other better and to strengthen collaboration. I also had the chance to see how industry and agriculture is gone under the wrecking ball after the fall of socialism in all its details. After all these years it is still possible to observe the successes of socialism. Both parties struggle for the disappearance of capitalism and share too many ideological, political and cultural commonalities in this sense.

By the way, our Hungarian comrades made a decent gesture by showing the elegance to host me in a hotel where Nazim Hikmet stayed in Budapest between the years 1952 and 1956 and where his name is still kept alive. It is such a beautiful thing to run into the marks of this great communist poet, no matter where you go in the world."