Letter of condolence by TKP to the Communist Party of Britain and the New Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) condemned the Manchester attack and conveyed solidarity for the people of Britain by sending a letter of condolence to the fraternal parties of Britain:

Dear comrades,

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) strongly condemns the terrible attack in Manchester. Sharing your sorrow, we would like to convey our deepest condolences to the peoples of Britain.

We very well know that the attacks which are targeted to civilians are the direct product of imperialism. The imperialist powers, on the one hand, condemns the attacks by indicting the religious terror; on the other hand they promote it and even seek benefits from the attacks.

We will not allow the imperialist to darken our world and terrorise the peoples all around the world in any means.

For that, TKP once again declares its determination to struggle against imperialism, its internationalist cooperation with your party in the fight against imperialism, and its solidarity with the peoples of Britain.


Communist Party of Turkey

Central Commitee