We do not accept these utility bills. All debts should be written off!

We do not accept these utility bills. All debts should be written off!

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) called on the people to come together against the price hikes in electricity, water, and gas, which are vital necessities during the pandemic.

The consumption of electricity, water, and natural gas inevitably increases in conditions where people had to stay in their homes due to the epidemic.

The demand for these services to be free becomes even more legitimate.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the ruling AKP government has announced many measures to protect natural gas and electricity distribution companies, while no measure was taken to ensure the minimum needs of citizens. 

As a result of the privatization policies accelerated by the AKP, all of the distribution and sales of electricity and imported natural gas are carried out through private distribution companies. In Turkey, at least two companies profit from natural gas bills and at least three companies profit from electricity bills.

These distribution companies cut services if bills are not paid, and demand an opening and closing price. It is also reported that even when the companies do not actually cut, they charge the users with opening and closing fees if the bills are not paid. 

All resources should be used for the public in order not to make even a single citizen living without electricity, water, gas.

All utility bills issued during the epidemic should be cancelled and debts should be written off! Cutting water, electricity, and natural gas of the households because of unpaid bills should be prohibited!