On September 10, 1920 in Baku, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) was founded. 

TKP organised its initial congress, neighbouring a revolution which gave hope to the humanity, just after a bloody war and in a world in which exploiters were fighting to take their share in plunder.

TKP became  the party of revolution in Turkey.

Those who die for and those who made a great effort for it in the years following the foundation, took place in this process because they believed that happy and bright days would come only with a socialist revolution.

This belief has never been weakened in 96 years. Today, in the depth of a radical and reactionary capitalism in the country, as well as confronting the dark existence of the 21st century's imperialism, TKP is still the party of revolution and hope for Turkey.

TKP has accepted a decision to proceed its political activities, at a sublime gathering on 22th January 2017 in İstanbul. Thousands of communists from around Turkey accompanied by guests and fraternal party representatives, gathered at the assembly. 

TKP, had suspended its political activities, in order to secure the name and legacy of the Party after a crisis in 2014. The assembly on Sunday, was gathered following the appeal of the seven members of the TKP on December 27, 2016, and the declaration of the committee responsible for the continuity of the TKP, which was formed in 2014. Despite several problems, the committee has carried on the mission that it had undertaken with patience and honor. And with the sense of responsibility, they have made the appeal, for the return of the TKP to the political scene, considering the need for the Communist Party of the country and the struggle for socialism. This appeal has been welcomed enthusiastically and supported by numerous comrades.



The historical assembly started with the international anthem and then, Yaşar Çelik, who is one of the seven members of the TKP who made the appeal for the assembly. After the introduction of the program of the assembly and assignment of the chair members, the representatives of the fraternal Parties, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) made their speeches.


Besides the speeches on behalf of KKE and PCC, the list of 34 communist and workers’ parties around the World, which have sent their support messages, is presented to the assembly.


At the gathering, the Central Committee, which will take on the task until the TKP Congress in 2017, was elected. Kemal Okuyan has been designated as the First Secretary of the CC of TKP.

Okuyan took floor on behalf of the Central Committee of the TKP and made the closing speech of the assembly.

Kemal Okuyan started his speech by the question of ‘What is the use of a communist party?’ and underlined the irreconcilability of the interests of the working class and the bourgeoisie, stating that the TKP has always abstained from that. Okuyan mentioned that a communist party: ...‘is the party that focuses on overthrowing the capitalist rules; the “wise woman”, the vanguard, the facilitator of this process’.


Drawing from the Soviet and Cuban revolutions, which started with the leadership of parties and movements with limited number of members and overthrew the capitalist rule,  and contrasting them with the German Social Democratic Party at the beginning of the 20th century, which then attained high election scores but was no more a threat for the capitalist system, Kemal Okuyan underlined the importance of sticking with the ultimate target of overthrowing capitalism.


Right after the assembly on 22th January, TKP took off for struggle firstly by releasing a document by the CC on the theses and duties of TKP titled “On the Presidency, the orientation of the capitalism in Turkey and the contradictions of the imperialist world”.
Following the theses, TKP released a “Statement of the Working People” and also started its campaign for the forthcoming referendum on the “Presidency” with the slogan: “Enough is enough! Even if it is not, still NO!”