The National Constituent Assembly elections of Venezuela  held on Sunday ended with the victory of popular and patriotic forces. We congratulate the Maduro government and salute the victory of the valiant people of Venezuela. 



 [ES] The Conference process of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey(TKP) has been completed with the two day meeting of the delegates in İstanbul on 27-28 May 2017.


TKP announces its unconditional solidarity and full support with the rightful struggle of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and the working people of Palestine against Israeli occupation.


Everybody should know this well: TKP will carry on its rightful struggle to empower the will of the people. This struggle is against the Soros-sponsored interventions and the fundamentalist public enemies. As of tomorrow, we are calling to establish and organise the ‘Committees against Presidency’ everywhere, at all workplaces, neighbourhoods, and schools. 


The referandum results, which are designated with tyranny, cheating and stealing, do not have any legitimacy. Those who attempt to celebrate this result mock the people. 

We call our people, who do not submit, to unite, to act organized and not to accept 'fait accomplis'.  [ES]


The enemies of the Syrian people continue to attack this country which they have been tormenting using jihadist gangs and international terrorist networks. The partnership of imperialist media and pro-sharia agents fabricated a chemical weapon scenario in Idlib and so made up a pretext for the missile attack by the United States.

We warn Erdoğan: We are going to bring you to book for the jihad that you intend to wage with US missiles. No! Do not you dare to add new ones to the crimes that you have already committed and to involve this country in your own devastation.



The Governorship of İstanbul has disallowed the rally of the Communist Party of Turkey that is scheduled to be held on April 8 in İstanbul. We will pursue this incident in terms of laws. We will politically prove once again that they will not be able to silence the voice of the working people. TKP has calls the people to come together on April 8 across the country to raise the voice of ‘no’ with the Party’s weekly journal, ‘Boyun Eğme’ (‘Do Not Surrender’) with the attendance of thousands of people, trade unionists, intellectuals, artists and academicians.


Joint Statement by NCPN and TKP:

We declare once more that we will stand against imperialist policies of the European Union.

We remind the fact that rising racism can only be stopped with the unity of the proletariat.

We emphasise that we will struggle in an internationalist consciousness against any practice restricting the rights of the working class and migrant workers.

We point to the impossibility of a better capitalism and the necessity to intensify struggle for the only choice, socialism.


AKP is an outcome of the plays of imperialists on our country.

From the Netherlands to Germany, the USA to the UK… AKP cannot be the representative of the people; not just because imperialists who made AKP down on the country’s neck have turned their backs. 

Just as that the ones who enmeshed AKP in our country, cannot be our saviour today.

This disgrace should be stopped immediately.

We should immediately get rid of this manipulative public enemy gang in the government which has turned out to be a disaster for our country. 

NO to both imperialism and its off-centre and presumptuous puppets!



The bourgeois politicians of Turkey and Greece are trying to turn the Imia/Kardak Rocks in Aegean see into an international crisis topic once more, like they did 21 years ago.