Joint Statement by NCPN and TKP:

We declare once more that we will stand against imperialist policies of the European Union.

We remind the fact that rising racism can only be stopped with the unity of the proletariat.

We emphasise that we will struggle in an internationalist consciousness against any practice restricting the rights of the working class and migrant workers.

We point to the impossibility of a better capitalism and the necessity to intensify struggle for the only choice, socialism.


AKP is an outcome of the plays of imperialists on our country.

From the Netherlands to Germany, the USA to the UK… AKP cannot be the representative of the people; not just because imperialists who made AKP down on the country’s neck have turned their backs. 

Just as that the ones who enmeshed AKP in our country, cannot be our saviour today.

This disgrace should be stopped immediately.

We should immediately get rid of this manipulative public enemy gang in the government which has turned out to be a disaster for our country. 

NO to both imperialism and its off-centre and presumptuous puppets!



The bourgeois politicians of Turkey and Greece are trying to turn the Imia/Kardak Rocks in Aegean see into an international crisis topic once more, like they did 21 years ago.


In the last two days more than 40 members of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) were detained during the campaign for rejecting the presidential system at the referendum which will be held on in Spring 2017. The attitude of the AKP government alleging to be giving the choice on the one hand and on the other, choking the rest alternatives, has no result other than increasing the distrust and delegitimizing the electoral result. But, it cannot change our firm attitude on our campaign for ‘NO’.