No!: Do not yield! At Kartal Square on April 8!

No!: Do not yield! At Kartal Square on April 8!

There will be a mass meeting at 4.00pm on April 8, Saturday. Our call is to meet and raise the voice of “No”at Kartal Square, at a time when they try to suppress with bans, despotism, and threats, yet the campaign for No continues to proliferate in, all over the country.

While we prepare for the referendum on April 16, we want to remind the meaning of voting “No”: The people say, “enough is enough!”. The vote that we are going to cast on April 16th will be an expression of this exclamation. The bans and other sort of interventions are not only trying to change the result of the voting but also are efforts to suffocate this voice, the voice of “enough is enough”. What we have to do is to strengthen our voice. Our motto, “No, though it is not enough”, relates to that very fact, we are going to say “No” on April 16, but we are not going to be satisfied with that. It will be our set off again to change everything that makes us say, “enough is enough”.

The meeting, “Istanbul Says No”, which was planned for April 2, has been banned by the Governor in the last minutes of the last working day of the week. We had already made its application, distributed its leaflets and posters, yet we had to terminate our preparations.

We are now responding to this ban with a mass public meeting to be held in Kartal Square on April 8th. This meeting, which has been submitted today to the Governor, will reveal the dedication of our people to their vote for “No”. And this time we will not let some bureaucratic maneuvers to stop us.

This is our call...

We call all those who say “No”  not to keep quiet but to speak up, those who not only vote but stand behind his/her vote. We call all those who say “No” showing the social power and determination, which saying “No” reveals. We call all of them to meet at Kartal Square of Istanbul at 4.00pm on April 8th.

We invite not only the people of Istanbul but all our compatriots to this meeting which will be summoned only a week before the referendum day.

Let’s come together to show our strength and dedication to those who attempt to lower our voice and interrupt us.


Communist Party of Turkey

Central Committee