New victories to come; Just believe!..

New victories to come; Just believe!..

We salute those who had defeated the occupation forces and established a new country with the poor people who had been left in the dark.

Today is the 98th anniversary of the victory over the imperialist forces, on the 30th of August. It is the anniversary of the victory of the people who resisted against the fierce attack of imperialism and resurrected as a gift to their country.

98 years ago, they were roaring both inside and outside as they do today; you are alone, you are minority, you are weak, what could you do!

If it was believed that money, power and weapons would win, we were now faced with another world.

If those who were struggling did not believe in the legitimacy and power of their struggle, they would have bowed down not only to the invaders, but also to the Palace, that is, to the darkness represented by the reign of the Sultan which had come to an end. 

The same comprador and exploitative forces are in harness today...

Those who care about their own future, rather than the country’s, continue to spread the same lies to the people. They want the desperate people not to get out of the pit of despair. They want the people to bow down to money and reign.

Whereas, we are tens, hundreds of thousands, millions, we are those who do not bow down.

Today, the Communist Party of Turkey on her 100th anniversary of the foundation, continues the struggle with the power she receives from those who do not surrender and with the belief that this darkness will be expelled.

Today, the Communist Party of Turkey, moves on her way with the determination for a social order which will end man’s slavery to man.

Join us so that we establish such a social order together; destroy the reign of money; bring an equal and free life, socialism, to crown our country.


Communist Party of Turkey