Joint Statement from TKP and KKE

Joint Statement from TKP and KKE

The people of the two countries can and must claim their right to live in peace!

No to a military confrontation for the interests of the bourgeoisie and the imperialist alliances!


The Communist Parties of Greece and Turkey express their deep concern over the latest dangerous developments in the relations between the two states and denounce any action heading towards escalation and military conflict.

They note, among other things, that the decision of the Turkish leadership to proceed with the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque moves in the direction of exploiting religious issues for fanaticism and the division of peoples, as well as constitutes an attack against the secular forces in Turkey. The two parties support that Hagia Sophia should remain a public museum, as one of the most well-preserved historical monuments of the world cultural heritage of mankind.

In addition, they believe that the escalation of the civil conflict in Libya, which was provoked by the imperialist intervention of NATO and is reinforced by the involvement of foreign forces and the pursuit of forming transnational agreements for maritime zones, violating the International Law of the Sea, so they can be used as an advantage in the Greek-Turkish dispute for the continental shelf and the EEZ, undermines even further the peace and security of the peoples.

The two CPs note that the relations between the two countries are further complicated by the competition between the bourgeois classes of Greece and Turkey to become a hub of energy and a transit center and their fierce struggle for the distribution of energy wealth in the region. It is part of the larger conflict between bourgeois classes, monopolies and imperialist alliances, which have already brought bloodshed to the peoples of Syria and Libya and now threaten the Persian Gulf. These conflicting interests have nothing to do with the interests of the peoples!

The situation is further aggravated by the two countries' participation in the imperialist organization of NATO, as well as their involvement in the dangerous pursuits of the USA and the EU. The peoples of Turkey and Greece cannot expect anything positive concerning the developments from the involvement of the powerful imperialist states, in fact taking place in conditions where the international capitalist crisis and the tendency of power rearrangement between the most powerful capitalist states are intensifying.

We declare once again that the peoples of Turkey and Greece have nothing to divide them. They have an interest in demanding to live in peace and to struggle for their own future, against capitalist exploitation and capitalist profits that lead to tensions and even military conflicts. For the abolition of the exploitation of man by man and the satisfaction of contemporary popular needs, the eradication of those causes that lead the peoples to the "meat machine" of the imperialist war. The real guarantee of cooperation and fraternity between peoples, at the time when working people take the rule in both Greece and Turkey, will be the sincerity, solidarity, patriotic, internationalist and anti-imperialist stance of the communists in these two countries.

In this direction, the Communist Parties of Greece and Turkey, faithful to the principles of proletarian internationalism, will continue the struggle:


· Against any case of hot incident and war involvement.

· Against border violations and the questioning of international Treaties that have defined the borders in the region.

· Against the change of borders and the Treaties that define them.

· Against the huge military expenditures of the two countries, which create a background of war conflict.

· Against imperialist interventions and wars.

· Against the competition for the exploitation of the hydrocarbons in the Aegean by the monopolies and the plans for their "co-exploitation" by the bourgeois classes, for the control of the energy sources with the aim of increasing their profitability, creating conditions for greater complications and sharpening of the confrontation, posing risks to the environment. The working class, the people of the two countries have nothing to gain from these plans.

· Against the involvement of the two countries in imperialist plans, for the return of military forces from NATO and other imperialist missions abroad.

· We struggle for the disentanglement of our countries from the imperialist unions of NATO and the EU, in order to expel the US and NATO bases from our countries.



Communist Party of Turkey

Communist Party of Greece