The Communist Party of Turkey declares that:

For a bright 2018
The Communist Party of Turkey declares that:

It has been revealed that the world’s super power US President Trump watches TV, and eats hamburger all the day for fear of being poisoned. What a big dilemma!

The king of hamburger McDonalds, forces the whole World to malnutrition, many medical doctors claim this as slow botulism and yet the person who leads the US slowly intoxicates himself with those hamburgers, for the sake of his own health. What a despair!

We find out that Trump, who owns hotels and casinos, who gains over deception, who fools people with rented TV shows, someone as the president of US, literally lives on narcotics. What imbecility!

This is the situaiton at the summit of the imperialist world and Trump just suits that summit.

Just because the current system is based on inequalities, unfair distribution of income, starvation, poverty, unemployment, intense exploitation, environmental damage, crazy armament, the threat of nuclear war, racism and religious fundamentalism.

Trump, who feeds on hamburger, watches TV, is the most suitable person to represent this order.

The capitalist order which sits on the rule of exploitation can neither be healed nor solve its own problems.

 What is true for the world is true for Turkey.

Although Turkey does not deserve the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, this party suits to the existing order of the country very well under capitalist conditions.

Everything which astonishes has its reason, and it becomes nonsense to be astonished without rejecting this order as a whole.

It is not surprising, to see a minister of interior affairs, who orders the police to "break the drug dealers' legs" in an unlawful attempt, someone, as a member of the AKP government who attacks workers who raise their voices for their trade union rights.

As Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) dared to give fatwas saying that "9-year-old children could marry", all the bourgeois parties have played role in the emergence of such scandals. It was not only the AKP and its right-hand fascist MHP, but the parliamentary main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) defining secularism as the "freedom of faith and praying" or the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) commemorating Islamic religious figures, eventually undermining the basis of secularism.

There is no sense in saying "this is too  much", since this is the capitalist order itself.

There is no other capitalism, market economy or imperialism. It is the  fundamental responsibility of the communist party to warn those who dream about "fleeing from the country under the AKP rule" or "waiting for other forces to save the country". TKP calls all the people to struggle for the bright future of the country under the issues below:


Turkey must be saved from the U.S., its military existence and bases, its intelligence organizations, its political impositions, its threats of coups, and from NATO. But it would be impossible to kick out such imperialist forces from the country without getting rid of the country's capitalist class who cooperates with the US.

TKP will launch an assertive and widespread campaign along with patriotic people for exiting from NATO and shutting down the entire foreign military bases in Turkey.  Everyone should know that,  Erdoğan’s and his party’s discourse against the U.S. is just fake and demagogic.


Imperialism is not only composed of the US. Imperialism is the name of today's world order, and the powerful actors of the system from the European Union countries to the Russian Federation, from China to Japan are all in a cut-throat competition and this is what leads the humanity to regional wars. Turkey’s capitalist class has it own role dragging the country into a bloody game in search for new fields of market and investment in the region. 

 The only way out for peace and soveirgnity is when the working class takes the power. TKP will not leave the scene to the ones who play Ottoman by hiding behind nationalism.


The AKP government is no different than former bourgeois governments in exploiting the workers and eliminating their rights to strike, as one percent of the population, the capitalists, seize most of the country’s richness. TKP warns the working people to not to generate hope from the intra-bourgeois political tensions.t

The tension between Erdoğan and his predecessor Abdullah Gül, the position of the CHP party or the new 'Good Party' under the lead of ultra-nationalist Meral Akşener would not change the rule of exploitative capitalist class. TKP will definetely will break off this rule.

When the working class said in the past, 'We want the power, the workers will rule the country,' the capitalists had to step back. Thus the 8-hour workday, the right to collective bargaining with trade unions and social security system were provided, thus many countries enabled free system of education and health.  Only when the working class get united and seek power, they can protect their acquired rights.


In the history of this country, the reactionary forces were defeated in 1908 and 1923 when the obsolete Ottoman Empire collapsed and the modern Republic of Turkey was established.

Reactionism  had been supported by imperialists, particularly the U.S. and Germany, in order to put an end to the rise of socialism and the workers' movement in Turkey and the region. TKP sees the struggle for Enlightenment as part of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.


Turkey will witness three important elections in the near future, however, relying on the elections alone would mean suicide for the people, considering that the elections in Turkey are open to the AKP-government-led manipulations. 

The pro-establishment opposition has also accepted this situation and focused on the presidential election. Everyone is searching for a 'person' who will defeat Erdoğan. This, however, would entrap the Turkish society. Politics based on one single person would completely passivize the people. Unorganized and not united people always lose as many bourgeois alternatives to Erdoğan’s party are vainly portrayed as a "recipe for emancipation".

The people cannot win at the polls without being united. TKP will struggle to empower the choice of people during the elections yet also continue to declare the fallacy of the hopes attributed to the elections. WWorking people’s emancipation will not come with elections alone, TKP will create the people’s true alternative during the elections despite the government’s repression and bans.

Turkey is not helpless, the people’s true alternative will be strengthened

Communist Party of Turkey

Central Commitee