Commentary by Kemal Okuyan: 'The lies about World War II'

Commentary by Kemal Okuyan: 'The lies about World War II'

Commentary by the First Secretary of the CC of Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), Kemal Okuyan on May 9, 2017, in memory of the Victory Day.

The lies about World War II

Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels…

That is enough, I guess. All these are the capitals which left mark on Europe. Such cities which were captured by and surrendered to fascism.

72 years have passed since the fall of Nazi Germany; almost a human life has passed. Long but too short… The Soviet Union lost at least 25 millions of citizens, the 72-year seems meaningless in the presence of the 25-million.

And 72 years after the victory, it is widely talked in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam and Brussels that it was the Soviet Union which was the responsible for the war, that the alliance of Roosevelt and Stalin was a historical mistake, and furthermore, that it was the alliance of the US and the UK which defeated the Nazis.

The operators of the imperialist propaganda mechanisms deserve celebrations since they have managed to turn history upside down.

How did they manage it?

Firstly, they are shamelessly dishonest,

Secondly, they considerably progressed in creating an ignorant and corrupt society,

Thirdly, They have never had difficulty in finding allies within the Left, and generating useful idiots,

Fourthly, the Soviet Union vanished.

I am writing this article from Budapest, spectating the giant Liberty Statue that casts its shadow on the Danube… The statue is still standing there while the realities seem to disappear. “Hitler was not that bad,” some dare to say freely in Europe.

In the shadow of the Liberty Statue!

Thus, one should not have kneeled down. Thus, one should not have attempted to dilute the apparent truths for the sake of diplomacy and realpolitik.

But how?

Hitler took power in Germany in 1933 not because the communists had not allied with the social democrats, but because anti-communism of the social democrats had become determinant, thus they had compromised with the Nazis. The German social democracy had been the executioner of the revolution in 1919, paving the way for yet another executioner in 1933. We abstained from disclosing this fact. It was unnecessary to upset and startle the social democracy!

Above all, fascism was anti-communism; it was the punishment of the capitalist class inflicted on the proletariat for having failed in seizing the power in the 1920s. The focus of capital’s bloody game on the Jews or setting the peoples against each other by means of racist hatred could not change the truth: the essence of fascism was to struggle against communism. We did not put this fact into words sufficiently, because, otherwise, we could not have empathised with liberals and social democrats!

The US and the UK were no more innocent than the Hitlerite Germany in the imperialist competition. However, these two imperialist countries were carrying out specific manoeuvres, and thus, using some spineless “libertarian” intellectuals who were devoid of memory in order to evade the responsibility of the war, which had culminated in the bloodbath of the Soviet peoples. We made mistakes; we should always have brought the sins of the US and the UK to question, which is why some tactlessly dared to identify the Nazi Germany with the Soviets or Stalin with Hitler.

The alliance of the Soviets with the UK and the US during the war was not only imperative but also temporary from the viewpoint of the three. The alliance was completely rotten due to its complicated class basis. The ideology of alliance was null and voice because of the existence of opposite ideologies. The alliance could not agree upon the definition of the enemy. It is no true that a “front of democracy” was established against fascism between 1941 and 1945. An imperialist wing defended its own interests while the Soviet Union defended itself and humanity. It was the Soviet Union that shouldered the burden of the war during these four years, moreover, it was the Soviet Union that kept its promises and resorted to ethical and diplomatic rules in relation with its allies. On the other hand, it was the US and the UK that triggered a new war (no matter hot or cold) even before the war had ended and Germany had not surrendered yet. We just ignored when this truth fell into oblivion; which is why a lie spread out, that the Soviet Union represented the authoritarian world whereas the US represented the free one.

During the Second World War, in essence, the working class both fought back an organised and barbarous enemy, which attempted to throttle its power and defended the whole background of humanity. The fact that fascism did not attack the communists alone does not change that fascism served the interests of big monopolies and that its main ideology was anti-communism. If classes and ideologies are replaced with national and regional identities, then what remains is the Russian pride and nationalism, represented by Putin today, in the service of Russia’s hegemonic class. Nevertheless, there is no continuity but a break and hostility between the Soviet Union, which triumphed over fascism during the Second World War, and today’s Russia; and between the Red Army and today’s Russian army. We made mistakes in the past, so did the world communist movement; but if we do not say today, then we will pave the way for other mistakes. So, let’s clearly say that Putin is a thief of history.

Glory to the Victory Day, glory to the 72nd anniversary of the army of working people’s victory over the horde of barbarians led by the monopolistic capitalism.